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  • SataySumo - Chicken Curry Bun
  • SataySumo - Chicken Curry Bun
  • SataySumo - Chicken Curry Bun

Chicken Curry Bun

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Chicken Curry Bun (Serving size good for 3-5 people) Approximately 1.6kg

1. Suitable for Lunch, Teabreak, Pot Luck, Picnic & Dinners

2. Special Gift for friends and love ones

3. No plastic or aluminium foil inside the bun.

4. Convenient to prepare by simple steaming in a wok for 30 min (after defrosting).

5. Delicious, aromatic and savoury, made from natural high quality spice and ingredients.

6. Frozen below -18°C : Last for One (1) year.

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